Technopole & PRLs

The Malian Y-Combinator, our training, incubation and acceleration centers for tech and green startups in Mali

Technopole & PRLs

As part of the innovation project through digitalization for the creation of green jobs, improving the climate resilience of populations, peace and social cohesion in Mali and the Sahel (Innov-Rec) financed by the Swedish embassy, ​​Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa has set up the Technopole and local resource centers commonly called PRLs in order to create a framework for co-creation, collaboration and innovation for young entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Mali.

The Technopole and the PRLs of Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa are centers designed to provide young people and women with spaces to train in entrepreneurship in general and green entrepreneurship in particular, in digital profession, promotion of technical, technological and digital innovations working to combat climate change as well as the active construction of the green entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mali.

The Technopole and the PRLs are present throughout the national territory, particularly in Bougouni, Sikasso, Mopti, Kayes, Kolokani and the district of Bamako

Our activities
National coverage

Our Technopole and our PRLs have an omni-presence in the Malian national territory covering all regions and allowing young people and women from all over Mali to benefit from the same opportunities and our activities.

  • Support and capacity building for young entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in green and digital through our pre-incubation, incubation, acceleration programs and our technical bootcamps
  • Environmental educationintended to popularize knowledge of environmental issues among children, young people and women in Mali and Africa through capacity building sessions, school meetings, the implementation environmental clubs and the production of video clips on green
  • Research and innovationwith the objective of pushing the boundaries in our different areas of intervention in order to contextualize and popularize good practices and innovations in green and digital in Mali and Africa
  • The promotion and popularization of green initiatives in Mali with the objective of highlighting and accelerating the growth of digital and green initiatives serving to improve the climate resilience of populations, the fight against the effects harmful effects of climate change and the popularization of good green practices in Mali and Africa


Supported green initiatives


Environmental clubs set up


Young people and startups incubated


Trained media men and women

The expected results in the establishment of the Technopole and PRLs

The 5 local resource centers and the Bamako Technopole are created to facilitate and support the identification, development and implementation of green jobs initiatives in consultation with local partners in line with the Government's priorities (CREDD and SDG)

Local partners, their communities and other stakeholders are equipped through digital solutions and ICT on the opportunities offered by green jobs, climate resilience and social cohesion in the intervention areas.

Availability of a framework for training, dialogue, exchange and networking in the area of ​​intervention of the climate resilience project, social cohesion, peace and security.