Innovation project through digitalization for the creation of green jobs, climate resilience of populations, peace and social cohesion in Mali

Project description

The Innov-ReC project initiated by MFC Nyetaa contributes to improving the socio-economic and environmental situation of the Malian population faced with the problems of climate change, conflicts and poverty through support for green initiatives. young people and women, capacity building and promotion of digital innovations focused on the discovery of sustainable solutions to the harmful effects of climate change.

As part of this project, MFC is counting on the support of technical and financial partners, in order to make available to the population Local Resource Centers with adequate tools based on ICT, and territorial skills in order to promote green jobs, social cohesion and climate justice.

The Innov-Rec project was born thanks to funding from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Mali for its implementation in the field.

Project goals
Main goal

Our main objective for the Innov-ReC project is to contribute to strengthening the climate resilience and social cohesion of communities through environmental education, support for local green and youth initiatives and the promotion of digital and green innovations in Mali.

  • The resilience capacities of local partners and their communities are further strengthened through the creation of green jobs and environmental protection in the face of the effects of climate change.
  • The inclusive dialogue is strengthened around resilience, climate justice and social cohesion at local, regional and national level.


Billions FCFA

Global budget


Green jobs created


Ecological initiatives


Schoolchildren trained

The expected results of the project

The 5 local resource centers and the Bamako Technopole are created to facilitate and support the identification, development and implementation of green jobs initiatives in consultation with local partners in line with the Government's priorities (The framework economic recovery and rural development as well as the sustainable development goals)

Local partners, their communities and other stakeholders are equipped through digital solutions and ICT on the opportunities offered by green jobs, climate resilience and social cohesion in the intervention areas.

Availability of a framework for training, dialogue, exchange and networking in the area of ​​intervention of the climate resilience project, social cohesion, peace and security.