Mali-Folkecenter’s partners :

► The Ministry of Energy & Water

► The Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Environment

► The Ministry of Rural Development & the Environment

► AMADER (Malian rural electrification agency)

► The Danish Embassy in Mali

► SIDA Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) / ASDI (Agence suédoise de coopération internationale au développement) / The Swedish Embassy in Mali

► Stichting Het Groene Woudt (Netherlands)

► Stichting DOEN (Netherlands)

► Christian Aid

► FACT Foundation - Fuels from Agriculture for Common Technology (Netherlands)

► The Danish Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

► Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA)

► United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

► United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

► UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy, Climate & Sustainable Development

► Global Environmental Facility (GEF)


► Dodo - Living Nature for Future

► Siemenpuu Foundation (Finland)

► OVE - Danish Organisation for Sustainable Energy

Friends of MFC Japan

► Clean Energy Forum, Tokyo, Japan

► ECO- Capital Japan, Miyazaki, Japan

EUROSOLAR e.V., Germany

World Wind Energy Association

World Council for Renewable Energy

► GVEP Global Village Energy Partnership

► E&CO, New Jersey, USA

► FACT Foundation, Netherlands

► OneSky (Canada)

► EASE Enabling Access to Sustainable Energy (Netherlands)

Design that Matters, USA

► French Catholic Committee to Combat Hunger for Development (CCFD)

► and other Malian & international NGOs

National Geographic has recently named Dr Ibrahim Togola, President of
Mali-Folkecenter, as an emerging explorer.