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Faladié SEMA
Rue 800, Porte 1293
Near to the Tower of Africa (Tour de l'Afrique)

BP E4211
Republic of Mali

T.: +223 2020 0617
+223 2020 6004
F.: +223 2020 0618

Tom Burrell
International advisor

Johanna Togola
Quality assurance

Ibrahim Togola
Chair of MFC

Ousmane Ouattara
Executive Secretary

Mahamadou Karamoko Diarra
Enterprise Development

Mr Taka Kawamura
Friends of MFC Japan
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Madame Coulibaly, Aminata Barry
Women's cooperatives

Friends of MFC Japan

This organisation is MFC's partner in Japan, and works to promote cooperation and exchange between MFC and organisations or private people in Japan. There is also concrete cooperation with some sustainable development projects executed as a result of this fruitful partnership. The website and email contact details are follow.