The tecnological development department is responsible for all the more technical aspects of MFC's work. Hence other departments can call on its expertise to assist on technical matters, especially technology transfer issues. The technological development department has played an important role in many projects over recent years, but particular achievements include technology transfer North-South & South-South.

Bearings for the jatropha oil press (left); the original Nepalese press & Malian presses produced through technology transfer (right).

North-South technology transfer was effected in the conversion of MFC's Toyota pick-up to run on jatropha oil instead of diesel, with support from the Danish Folkecenter & Elsbett Technology GMBH.

The construction of a Nepalese jatropha oil press in Mali was South-South transfer, removing a significant barrier to wide scale adoption of jatropha oil technology in Mali. This was implemented in the frame of the Sustainable Energy Advisory Facility (a UNEP initiative), in cooperation with CNESOLER (the Natioanl Centre for solar & Renewable Energies, part of the Ministry of Energy).

MFC's technological development department contacts can be found on the contacts page.

Conversion of pick-up to run on jatropha oil

Technology transfer jatropha oil press