Sodigaz S.A.R.L. Societé de Distribution de Gaz

Sodigaz is a successful company based in Bamako which supplies natural gaz (butane). Gas is supplied to customers through a network of independent distributors, in a variety of sizes of bottle (3kg, 6kg & 12kg). Sodigaz sought support from AREED in order to double its supply capacity, and take advantage of a bouyant market for its product, with a demand which outstrips supply. The company worked with MFC and E+Co to develop a viable business plan, which was financed by AREED. Finance was made up of a loan of approx 175 000 USD for purchase of gas tanks and bottles for customers. This investment allowed a doubling of imports of gas, and hence of sales.

The Sodigaz sign on the main road promotes the protection of Mali's wood resources by use of butane ("Save the trees") (left); the gaz delivery truck, which brings gas overland from Lome or Accra to Bamako (centre); the gaz bottling plant, where gas is put into bottles for distribution (right).

Sodigaz is the first Malian operator in this sector, previously dominated by multinational companies. Currently Sodigaz represents 30% of gas imports in Mali. From October to July 2004, Sodigaz made sales equivalent to the saving of 114 hectares of Savannah (according to figures from the CILSS - Comité Interetat de Lutte contre la Secharesse dans le Sahel - the Interstate Committe to Combat Drought in the Sahel).

Sodigaz has extended its operations into the regions of Segou and Mopti to facilitate access to butane gas and to combat desertification. Thanks to post investment assistance from AREED, Sodigaz has also been able to put in place a network of distributors in the district of Bamako.