Eco'home's business is based on energy efficient lighting and solar energy products, and the company has been operating since 2002. Eco'home asked for support from AREED to develop its marketing campaign and to purchase stock of energy efficient light bulbs. 

Eco'home was initiated after a study by an engineeeing consultant from 1996-2002. The study which was composed of an energy audit of public and private buildings. The study showed that between 35 and 75% of the cost of household electricity consumption was for lighting, and that 25% of the cost of electricity consumption in public & commercial buildings was for lighting. This situation was the inspiration for creation of Eco'home. The objective of the company was to supply low consumption light bulbs to enable consumers (whether public or private) to reduce their electricity bills in the short term, and to allow integration of solar equipment in the medium term.

AREED support included assistance over 10 months in writing a bankable business plan, and financial assistance in the form of an overdraft facility at a Malian bank of approx 120 000 USD. Thanks to this facility, Eco'home will sensitise more than 1 million people on the possibilities of reducing their electricity consumption using energy efficient lighting & solar energy products.

This will reduce energy consumption of the country as a whole, and reduce imports of fossil fuels for electricity generation (generally diesel). This reduction will act to protect the local Malian environment, as well as contributing to a reduction in Green House Gas emissions. Hence the project fits well into AREED's goals.