Creation of Malian Jatropha Network

MFC has found great interest from many actors on the subject of Jatropha, from people in government ministries, national & international development agencies & NGOs, civil society and the Malian general public. However, MFC realised that there was a great deal of misunderstanding and realised that creation of a Malian Jatropha Focus Group could help to promote Jatrophaat the national level.

In the frame of the Siemenpuu Project, MFC organised the first Malian Jatropha Focus Group meeting, which led to formation of the Malian Jatropha Promotion Network. More than 15 Malian institutions (public organisations, university of Mali, research institutes, NGOs, private sector, rural municipality members, international development organisations) participated and became members of the network. The stated mission was to facilite exchange of information and experiences for the benefit of the rural development and fight against desertification. MFC was chosen to be the Secretariat of the network. The membership of the network is open to any organization, private sector, village associations, etc.


  • Direction Nationale de Energie (DNE - National Directorate of Energy)
  • Centre National des Energies Solaires et des Energies Renouvelables (CNESOLER - National Centre for Solar & Renewable Energies)
  • Secrétariat Technique Permanente du Cadre Institutionnel de Gestion des Questions Environnementales (STP/CIQE - Permanent Technical Secretariat, Ministry of Environment)
  • Direction National de la Conservation de la Nature (DNCN - National Directorate of Nature Conservation)
  • DED (German Cooperation)
  • Winrock International
  • UNDP Mali
  • GEF Project Mali
  • UNDP's multi-functional platform project
  • CMDT (Compagnie Malienne de Developpement de Textiles - Malian state cotton monopoly)
  • IER
  • OHVN
  • CRRA de Sotuba
  • IPR / IFRA (Rural Polytechnic Institute)