Jatropha plantation activities in Mali

MFC has developed a certain expertise in the domaine of Jatropha planting, having trained people in many villages on the technique over the last five years in the frame of several projects. Propagation can be by planting of seeds or by taking cuttings. To date more than 50 ha have been planted, in association with several villages.

A jatropha plantation in the early stages (left); young jatropha plants planted in a field (centre); MFC technicians visit the plantation to follow-up on a project (right).

Latest pictures from the Jatropha plantation (2 years old)

These are the latest images from MFC's Jatropha plantations north of Bamako. The plants are just 2 years old but already well established and ready to give the first significant harvest of seeds, which is great news for the local population with whom we have been working. No significant maintenance has been performed on the plants, nor have any harmful pesticides or fertiliser. The soil on which the Jatropha was planted was very sandy in some places as can be seen from the pictures above. This just goes to underline how quickly Jatropha could become a major energy source in Mali and the Sahel, given the political will. It is not a long term option, but can even be a relatively short term solution to energy needs.