Vehicle conversion to run on Jatropha oil
(Danish Folkecenter)
Using Elsbett GmbH technology (Germany)

Jatropha projects executed by MFC

SEAF (Sustainable Energy Advisory Facility) project (UNEP Risoe Centre & UNEP Paris)
Analysis of barriers to widespread adoption of jatropha technology
Technology transfer for development of a Jatropha press in Mali
Development of a sustainable management system for jatropha energy platforms

Jatropha for soap making (part of Sinsinbéré project, Finnida)
Training rural women in the production of different types of soap using Jatropha.

Jatropha demonstration project (Siemenpuu Foundation, Finland)
Jatropha as a tool to combat desertification, poverty alleviation & provision of clean energy services to rural women.

Development of prototype sedimentation & filtration systems for Jatropha oil (self-funded)
omplete production chain of Jatropha oil from village to engine grade fuel.