Jatropha for CO2 neutral transportation (Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program)
Pilot project to reduce GHG emissions in the transportation sector, foster local economic develoment and to combat desertification. The project will convert MFC's new pick up to run on Jatropha oil and also develop a chain of production from plantations out in the rural areas, through pressing, sedimentation and filtration processes, through to use of the oil in a vehicle in Bamako.

Technical support for Jatropha technology in Mali (Engineers Without Borders USA)
A project to provide engineering support for Jatropha technology: local press production, local production of sedimentation and filtration systems, and optimisation of the use of Jatropha in single cylinder Lister-type diesel engines for multi-functional platforms.

Two exciting new MFC Jatropha projects are due to start soon: