Solar-wind hybrid water pumping (GEF Small Grants Program & Intercooperation)

The first project of its kind in Mali (solar wind hybrid), pumped water will be sold for watering livestock, to generate income for local people, combat poverty, and produce funds necessary for operation and maintenance. Local technicians are trained for operation and maintenance tasks. The project's aim is to develop the concept of a rural service centre which can use renewable enrgy as a platform for services to local communities to stimulate economic development. The project is carried out in cooperation with InterCooperation (a Swiss NGO) and its JEKASY programme, who also co-fund the project.

The project includes an important component for wind measurements, so that a real understanding of the wind conditions and performance can be gained, allowing subsequent optimisation of future systems. This should allow for significant cost reductions which will facilitate any large scale adoption of the technology. Results gained in this project could provide the basis for a much larger wind project for northern areas of Mali.

In the frame of the GEF objectives, the project represents a reduction of around 4 tonnes of CO2 compared to a diesel pump of similar performance.

Opening ceremony of project attended by PPS/FEM coordinator for Mali

Installation of wind measurement equipment on 20m tower

Installation of solar component of water pumping system

Installation of wind turbine foundation

Map of project village elaborated using GPS technology

Test assembly of wind turbine at the office

Installation of the wind turbine

Official reception of the installed equipment with the Mayor of Karangana, MFC, JEKASY, and photos of the water tower and basins for gardening and watering animals

Follow up visit to monitor gardening & cattle watering activities

Checking the wind solar hybrid pumping system

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Download article written by Tom Burrell & Ibrahim Togola on the project for the World Wind Energy Association's Wind Energy International 2005 book.