Our history


Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa was created on the initiative of Ibrahim Togola, with the support of Folkecenter Denmark in 1999.

This initiative from the beginning was joined by some young Malians who believed in it. With very limited means, this young group wanted to contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of their country and at the same time, with a strong belief in their potential to be able to bring some positive things for the well being of the populations.

Starting with renewable energy, especially solar energy, MFC Nyetaa quickly diversified its interventions to cover other related sectors such as the rational use of natural resources to boost local economies for the benefit of the populations, especially rural populations.

Today, MFC Nyetaa has 40 employees, 4 offices across the country and 4 centers of excellence in rural areas. MFC Nyetaa is active in lobbying and advocating to policy makers and administrators at the national and international level on issues of common interest in its areas of intervention. The NGO has a large network in civil society and serves as the secretariat of RESO Climat Mali, a network of over 100 national associations/NGOs working in the field of climate change.

MFC’s approach is that all of its initiatives and interventions are based on local actions, always with the intention that they will have impacts on a global scale.