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Climate resilience

 The context for the formulation and implementation of this Climate Resilience Program by MFC Nyetaa, is marked by national and international concern about the effects of climate change and the commitments made by states at the various climate conferences (COP) and COP 21 in particular. The challenge is to contribute to increasing the resilience of populations to the effects and impacts of climate change through adaptation and mitigation projects that focus on the sustainable economic development of vulnerable social groups (youth and women) and on access to clean energy sources.

his program aims to promote innovative local initiatives for adaptation to the effects and impacts of climate change that support the improvement of the livelihoods of vulnerable communities or target groups, particularly women and youth. It aims to help partner communities prepare for the consequences of climate change by conducting prospective analyses, advising on actions to be taken and encouraging the sharing of experiences between the public sector, communities and the private sector. This capitalization strategy will facilitate the transfer of best practices and technologies to communities exposed to climate risks.

MFC Nyetaa’s Climate Resilience Program is also expanding its activities into carbon market-based financing mechanisms.