23 December 2018

Testimonies around an old baobab tree

A Community in southwestern Mali reports on how to cope with climate change and a vulnerable economy “Our mentality has changed. Now we discuss technical matters that can help us develop. Mali Folkecenter has shown us that knowledge is important”. The head of Filamana village Mr. Toumani Sangaré (photo?) is not in doubt that the […]

22 November 2018

“Africa is sun rise area” – A voice from a conference

Renewable energy is the way forward to “fight poverty in Africa” and climate change in the world. These were the perspectives raised by Hortense Kagambèga Traoré from Burkina Faso during the recent large World Community Power Conference in Bamako  “The possibility for developing community power in Africa and on a global scale comes from promoting […]

15 November 2018

Bamako conference demands renewable energy for all

Wind, solar and other energy sources is a natural right for all citizens and communities in the world – Read the declaration from the successful World Community Power Conference that closed in Bamako last Friday “We, the participants of the 2nd World Community Power Conference in Bamako WCPC2018, that gathered more than 400 people from […]

1 November 2018

Power to the Communities – Voices to a Conference

Power to the Communities – Voices to a Conference The 2nd World Community Power Conference takes off in little less than two weeks in Bamako – Mali Folkecenter Nyetaa asked participants to share their expectations. The first one to do so is Mr. Gustavo Richmond-Navarro, Mechanical Engineer from Costa Rica with input from his colleague, […]

1 October 2018

“Community Power for a Renewable Future!” 2nd World Community Power Conference in Bamako Mali, 8-10 November 2018

Bonn/Bamako, 29 October 2018 (WWEA/MFC) – Experts from 30 countries will meet in Bamako, the capital city of Mali, from 8-10 November in order to discuss the state of community power in Africa and worldwide. The World Wind Energy Association WWEA and the Malifolkecenter Nyetaa MFC, together with the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies Japan […]

25 September 2018

A tale of gold, pollution – and beauty

The chairman of Mali Folkecenter Nyetaa speaks out about gold-digging, dreams and realities. Report from a trip through the green and lush Filamana Forest By MFC reporter “The state only gets around 20 per cent of the income from gold concessions given mainly to big foreign companies. In addition,  the health hazards to people and […]

18 September 2018

The “Masters of the River” fight back

Small cooperative in southwestern Mali struggles with climate change and pollution from gold digging. A fishing project mitigates the hardship for the vulnerable community “Life has improved considerably with the fishing ponds”, says Mohamed Kominé. He is chairman of a cooperative of 107 Bozo fisherfolks near the river Bale, just west of Yanfolila in southwestern […]

20 May 2018

Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa is looking for interns for its office in Bonn, Germany

Mali-Folkecenter Nyetaa is a Malian NGO working on climate change, renewable energy, green jobs and environmental protection. We are based in Mali, West Africa. Since January 2019, we have an office in Bonn, at the UN village. We are now looking for interns (based in Germany) to work part time at our Bonn office. The […]

17 May 2018

A challenge: The forests of Mali are more fragile than ever

Mali Folkecenter’s forest project in the Sikasso region aims at fighting climate change and at generating livelihood Mali Folkecenter (MFC) firmly believes that it is possible to solve the dire environmental problems not only in the Sikasso region but in all of Mali. The President of MFC Ibrahim Togola says: “With a concerted effort and […]

16 May 2018

Forest project gets thumbs-up from Norwegian Ambassador

Bougouni-Yanfolila Forest Complex came under scrutiny by Ole Andreas Lindeman, Ambassador of Norway, the main backer of the large Arbre-SEL project “I am impressed by the community… It will really make a difference”. Those were the words of the Norwegian Ambassador Ole Andreas Lindeman who paid a visit to Garalo last Thursday. The village in […]

1 May 2018

When the Green Climate Fund Came to Town

Three Malian institutions have been selected as “accredited entities” to combat climate change under the auspices of the Green Climate Fund. Bamako recently hosted a “structured dialogue with Africa” for the Fund. Mali Folkecenter currently identifies new renewable energy projects to meet the requirements of the Green Climate Fund, the large fund established six years […]

16 April 2018

Is there an opening for Mali in grand German scheme?

The ambitious German Marshall plan is on a slow starter. Only three African countries have been selected as “reform partners” after the launch of the plan a year ago. Mali Folkecenter struggles to convince Germany that Mali should be country number four “The future of humanity is decided in rural areas. Only with strong rural […]