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Advocacy Lobbying

Advocacy is fundamental to achieving sustainable change. It requires a joint strategic effort to influence policies and their decisions. MFC Nyetaa’s vision is to join efforts with civil society organisations, state actors, international NGOs and private companies to influence policy decisions on environmental, climate and energy issues. This is a challenge, as socio-economic conditions change more rapidly than national policies and laws.

Through its Advocacy & Lobbying programme, MFC Nyetaa prioritises initiatives that should rather aim at changing or improving the practices, behaviours of actors and also the legal environment of stakeholders.  At the same time, the NGO monitors and contributes to the improvement and adoption of policies, laws and regulations for better environmental and energy governance. This programme also contributes to the strengthening of communities’ skills to undertake advocacy and lobbying actions in order to ensure a good political support of innovative actions.

The achievements of the projects carried out under the various programmes and cross-cutting actions are also capitalised on to be shared at national and international level.