Sinsibere project

Planting of local tree species

In all villages in the area the quality of the environment has decreased significantly as a consequence of the cutting of wood. For that reason the planting of trees has been supported. The advantages of tree planting are numerous for the population of the villages. The trees are a source of food and firewood, they are essential for keeping the nutrient and water balance of the soil, and some species are being used for medical purposes.

For the planting local species have been chosen, like néré (parkia biglobosa), baobab (adansonia digitata), jujube (ziziphus mauritiana), tamarind (tamarindus indica) and caïcedrat (khaya sengalensis). In several villages, also jatropha (jatropha curcas) has been planted. In 2004, the first 550 saplings have been donated by IER (Institut d’Economie Rurale) and they have been planted by local groups in four villages.

In 2005, the activities have expanded to the planting of 3000 saplings in six different villages. These trees have been grown in a tree nursery in one of the villages, Tafele. In agreement with the head of the village, the women got their own field appointed, which they have used as a tree nursery and a communal garden. The women received training in techniques of planting and taking care of the trees.