Sinsibere project

Poultry farming

In search for alternative economical activities in the project villages, poultry breeding has been introduced in the village Karako, where the women work extensively with the cutting of wood. A poultry house has been built and training in poultry farming was arranged. For this, the project asked for the technical support of PDAM (le Projet de Développement de l’Aviculture au Mali), who trained the women in improved poultry farming techniques.

This training brought fifty-four members of the group together for three days, at the end of which the villages poultry was treated for parasites and vaccinated against Newcastle disease.

During the first years, poultry farming was carried out within an association, which enabled the women to learn the techniques together. However, the collective work caused some difficulties, that is why since 2005 the approach has been changed. The women now want to start breeding chicken individually.