Sinsibere project


Mali´s low literacy rate was encountered as a practical problem during the execution of the Sinsibere project. It was difficult to work with the women´s associations without interference from the men, because of lacking organisational and writing skills. To make sure the women's associations would be able to manage themselves independently, a basic literacy training has been given so far to three women from each women's association, as well as training in organisational capacities and credit and saving.

The number of members of the Sinsibere groups ranges from 35 to 200, of which usually no more than maximum five women were literate. Thanks to the trainings offered by the Sinsibere project this number is increasing steadily, for the women are encouraged to teach each other after the training, which is happening in several villages.

Especially for this activity a longer time frame is necessary, considering that most women have just aquired basic skills and that it is difficult to find time for learning with loads of domestic work. However, progress is being made and the literacy training will continue.